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Psychopaths Explained

Psychopaths look normal, just like you and me and as good people we do not want to believe there are people who are so evil but seem so normal.

We see the world as WE ARE, not as it is. It's like having a pedophile in family, you sense something is wrong but because you don't think that way you don't see it, and most importantly you don' t want to believe it.

Psychopaths don't care a hell about hurting people because their main characteristic is a total lack of empaty and desire to be 100% in control.

Their favorite tactics include:

Verbal abuse, emotional abuse, and psychological violence causes pain and leaves scars but not physical evidence.

Constant criticism, fault finding combined with a simultaneous refusal to value, acknowledge, recognize or praise.

Manipulation, isolation, exclusion are favorite tactics.

Power, control, domination and subjugation.

The REAL and deeper picture

Do you realize that those people that blew themselves up in the name of a god are not crazy or psychopaths but the VICTIMS of psychopaths that merely use religion to gain complete and 100% control over their mind, body and soul? Psychopaths would never ever sacrifice themselves or the slightest thing for whatever or whom ever because everything must always center about themselves.

To gain physical, financial or other control is not enough because such person remains a human being with own character, identity, emotions and values that would clash with his desire for complete control and the only way to achieve that is to use his total lack of empathy to literally break such person emotionally and psychologically until such person are no longer able to resist even the craziest demands from the psychopath.

It's common knowledge that physical abuse, molestation and even rape can cause severe emotional and psychological damage but that was an physical assault on the person while the emotional and psychological abuse from a psychopath are aimed direct at the most delicate side of being human, the heart, soul and mind, day in and day out, non stop. It's a permanent molestation and rape of such person's deepest and most delicate human being.

On the surface it's a perfect man and happy family but behind closed doors it's a human made hell up to such extent that not even the victims themselves really understand or realize what's going on and that their individuality and everything was destroyed because the victim was trained and brainwashed to serve the master no matter what.


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