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Steers Woodlands

Steers is South Africa’s leading burger brand and has served South Africans its legendary 100% pure beef, flame-grilled burgers and freshly cut chips for almost 60 years. Steers has won the Leisure Options Award for the Best Burger for the 18 years running, and Best Chips for 14 years running. Steers’ success is due in part to its extensive network of over 560 local restaurants, its growing African footprint of 46 restaurants, operating in countries such as Nigeria, Mauritius and Zambia to name a few, and its broader international market footprint of 7 restaurants. Steers’ track record proves that flame-grilled just tastes better.

The Gloves & Bare Hands Love Affair

In the spirit of keeping it REAL (real clean, that is), we’ve created our own research-informed hygiene policy. Everyone in our kitchens has a different task to perform: some use tools and utensils to do them (like grillers), while others use their hands (the burger builders).

Regardless of the task, hygiene is a premium concern to Steers so we have a strict policy to make sure everyone and everything is 100% safe. The fact is, wearing gloves without washing your hands is just as bad as not wearing any gloves at all, so we’ve made frequent hand washing the #1 priority! Let’s break it down:

•  Whether staff are glove-wearers or not, EVERYONE has to regularly wash their hands. No ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’.
•   In the event that it gets too hot in the kitchen, a small buzzer sounds every 20 minutes at every station to let everyone know to sanitise their hands.
•   Wherever our staff need their hands – to literally build your amazing burgers – they wear gloves, but change them regularly too.
•   Wherever staff use utensils, like over the flames, they don’t need to wear gloves as they never touch the food directly, and latex and fire aren’t the best of mates.
•   Over and above all these measures, we have compulsory hand washing every hour across our restaurants, as well as at every change in work area and every change of shift.

We take hygiene very seriously – so if after reading this, you still feel something is amiss in one of the stores, please quickly let us know!




Steers Woodlands

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